This is our new system for handling the health programmes. Initially we will start with the HD programme.


As an owner you register for a HD examination with this service and print out the form that you sign and take with you to the veterinary clinic you have booked for the examination.

Log in via the menu as a Cat Owner. It is the same account as for NetPedigree (online databases) that is uses but if you don't have an account yet you can just create one from the link on the login page.

Veterinary clinic

The person/persons at the clinic responsible for uploading the files logs in via the menu as a Veterinarian. If needed they first register an account from the link on the login page.

When logged in to this service the filled in and signed form (scanned to jpg, png, or pdf) and the xray image in DICOM format (file suffix .dcm) can be uploaded.

More information

If you haven't read about how you should do to test a cat in our HD programme the information is here.

If you want to read more about all our health programmes the information is available here.